Powerful Features

Citizen assemblies, participatory budgeting, community planning - our growing list of modules and components support the best practices in democracy today.

Fast and Flexible

Deploy your platform in hours, not weeks. It grows and scales with your project needs.

People First

Our platform is open-source, which means it's not owned by any one person or business entity. The code is transparent for you and your residents to inspect and validate.

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Our Services

We work with governments to find a package that works for them.

Platform Set-up

Decidim is used by governments all over the world, including New York City, Mexico City, and the European Union.

Training and Support

We customize our trainings to make sure you and your stakeholders can leverage everything your digital toolbox has to offer.

Youth Engagement

We have been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for our best practices in meaningful youth engagement.

About Us

What is Decidim?

Open-Source Participatory Democracy

Decidim helps citizens, organizations and public institutions self-organize democratically at every scale.

It takes deliberation, collaboration and decision to a massive dimension, with thousands of people participating in real time.

  • strategic planning
  • initiatives and citizen consultations
  • resident council management
  • networked communication
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